New report says U.S. lets oil industry write its own rules, doesn’t have proper safeguards to prevent another oil spill disaster

Share this…Facebook0TwitterLinkedinPrint Post Views: 0 Photo by ideum via Nine years ago this week, the worst oil spill ever to hit the U.S. happened at the BP’s Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico oil rig off Louisiana. The slick killed sea life, suffocated the Gulf, and slimed wetlands and beaches in Lousiana, Alabama and the […]

Ujjwala: A half cooked programme

Share this…Facebook0TwitterLinkedinPrint Post Views: 0 The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Sambit Patra, who is also the party’s contestant for the ongoing Lok Sabha elections from Puri, Odisha, created a wave of criticism against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Ujjwala programme, under which the Union government claims to have provided over 51 million—51,407,565 at last official […]

India’s millions of young voters can swing national election

Share this…Facebook0TwitterLinkedinPrint Post Views: 0 NEW DELHI — Young Indians could play a crucial role in the ongoing general election in the world’s largest democracy. With nearly two-thirds of India’s population below 35, and more than 15 million first-time voters aged 18 and 19, young men and women have the power to swing the national […]

The government has failed to learn the lessons of Windrush

Share this…Facebook0TwitterLinkedinPrint Post Views: 0 Last April the public were made aware that long-term British Caribbean residents and citizens were being locked up and forcibly removed, and denied jobs, health care, education, housing and employment because of the government’s “hostile environment” immigration policies. We were all shocked and ashamed at these injustices and the cruel […]

Why Jet Airways is a bigger nightmare for bankers and government than Kingfisher was

Share this…Facebook0TwitterLinkedinPrint Post Views: 0 On the surface, there was nothing in common between the flamboyant Vijay Mallya and the highly reticent Naresh Goyal. Mallya loved living life “kingsized” and he threw spectacular parties with beautiful women and multiple celebrities in tow, owned some great houses, collected fast cars, owned a stud farm and dabbled […]