Head Tag in HTML

Share this…Facebook0TwitterLinkedinPrint Post Views: 237   Please Subscribe Channel Like, Share and Comment   The head tag element is a container for metadata (data about data) and is placed between the html tag and the body tag. HTML metadata is data about the HTML document. Metadata is not displayed. Metadata typically define the document title, […]

Gold By Integral University Lucknow

Share this…Facebook0TwitterLinkedinPrint Post Views: 468 The impressive and bountiful Gold – Countries with most gold reserves.Integral’s Professor explains that more gold is to be discovered as 80% of earth gold is still buried underground. Gold glitters and impresses anyone almost instantly. In India “au ”dazzles each ceremony single handedly on its shoulders. Fascinating Dubai and […]

Gadgets or Notebooks ? – Integral Decides

Share this…Facebook0TwitterLinkedinPrint Post Views: 232 As gadgets become conventional and more ubiquitous, the idea of taking notes by hand may seem old-fashioned to many today. Typing notes is fashionable, faster and comes in handy when there’s a lot of information to take down. But it turns out that there are still more advantages to doing […]

Accessibility, Parameters, Fields, Methods in C-SHARP

Share this…Facebook0TwitterLinkedinPrint Post Views: 299 Accessibility Each member of a class has an associated accessibility, which controls the regions of program text that are able to access the member. There are five possible forms of accessibility. These are summarized in the following table.   Accessibility Meaning public Access not limited protected Access limited to this […]

WhatsApp introducing UPI Payments in India

Share this…Facebook0TwitterLinkedinPrint Post Views: 188 WhatsApp has reportedly started testing out its UPI-based payments feature in India. The new feature, available for select WhatsApp beta users on iOS and Android, enables users to send and receive money using the Indian government’s Unified Payments Interface (UPI) standard. This feature is said to be available on WhatsApp […]