Share this…Facebook0TwitterLinkedinPrint Post Views: 638 addslashes — Quote string with slashes Description string addslashes ( string $str ) Returns a string with backslashes added before characters that need to be escaped. These characters are: single quote (‘) double quote (“) backslash (\) NUL (the NUL byte) A use case of addslashes() is escaping the aforementioned characters in a string that is to be evaluated […]

Top 20 Programming Languages to Learn in 2019

Share this…Facebook0TwitterLinkedinPrint Post Views: 71 ► SPONSORS ◄ DevMountain Coding Bootcamp Description: In this video we are looking at the top 20 overall languages to learn in 2019. Some of my other work… Social: source Share this…Facebook0TwitterLinkedinPrint

Common WordPress Interview Question and Answer

Share this…Facebook0TwitterLinkedinPrint Post Views: 882 In this post, we share with you some of common WordPress interview questions & answers. We think by reading this WordPress interview questions & answers, you can get some benefits. WordPress interview questions & answers. 1. What is WordPress? WordPress is a free and open source content management system (CMS). Which […]

The BEST Programming Languages to Start With in 2019 to Get a Job Without A College Degree

Share this…Facebook0TwitterLinkedinPrint Post Views: 390 Learning to Code: FREE Getting Started Guide: The BEST Programming Languages to Learn in 2019 to Get a Job Without A College Degree Read my full story here: (check out my new course: The Ultimate Coding and Business Technology Course for Beginners – Practical skills for success […]


Share this…Facebook0TwitterLinkedinPrint Post Views: 596 Full Form of CAT CAT stands for Common Admission Test. It’s the biggest and most popular entrance examination for MBA courses in India. This exam, conducted by IIMs, witnesses more than two lakh candidates every year. Over 20 IIMs and various other top management institutes across the country require CAT […]