The BEST Programming Languages to Start With in 2019 to Get a Job Without A College Degree

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The BEST Programming Languages to Learn in 2019 to Get a Job Without A College Degree

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My nephew learns to web development:

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In addition to many free resources, this is the online developer training I used to learn software development. Read my review here:

Programming textbook that I started out with:
This book played a part in inspiring me to become a programmer. This author does a great job of teaching the basics.

These books will help you achieve success beyond software development:
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Power Lessons in Personal Change:
Linchpin: Are you Indispensable:
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40 thoughts on “The BEST Programming Languages to Start With in 2019 to Get a Job Without A College Degree

  • It all just feels so daunting…. So much talk from literally everywhere about how Python is soo easy but there were a few areas that people (including myself) have struggled with like OOP. Is there a deal breaker as far as the learning curve goes? Like if a certain fundamental concept is a struggle to learn, at what point do you say well if this doesn't sink in then maybe this isn't for me?

  • Hi Sylvester, enthusiastic with a very clear spoken English you have got a follower from Iraq, to help your subscribers to choose a language you need to do probably more than one vlog describing in details the coding fields in the market because all what we hear from coding related channels the well known fields for coding,for example web development android apps game engine,as a beginner my self I need to know more than , for example your coding journey from where did u start to where do u stand know ,regards .

  • I think people should start with HTML and CSS, they're pretty damn easy. Then JavaScript(not that easy). After that you'll have a better idea of what to learn next, also you'll be job ready for a front end job at this point

  • I clicked on the video because I'm looking for guidance, direction, and mentorship. Be it virtual or physical. I appreciate the knowledge shared with us noobs just getting our toes wet. It means a lot and so I thank you!

  • I wish more people took your approach in telling people that there is no best first programming language. The important thing is to just choose a language and use it to learn programming in depth. My first two programming jobs I was hired for were for languages I had never used before, but since I knew programming well it didn't matter.

  • I just recently started learning Java, because I wanted to creat a simple android app.

    After that I might learn Python. I just started programming, because the company I work at bought Neato Robotics (Newark, CA) for a lot of money in 2017. Our company has a high demand of programmers in Germany.
    So maybe there could make up a path for me to get into coding as a profession. But at first place it's a great hobby.

  • thank you so much for this video its very inspiring, im only 14 but im getting really good with python so that when im older i can be a professional in my sector of programming. thank you for this video!

  • I strongly disagree! If you want to be a good programmer, you have to be wise. If your first language is JavaScript, you won't know a lot about how computers work.
    As an example picking C++ you'll learn how memory works like memory allocation, garbage collection, different data types and how much memory they take depending on your machice and compiler, bascially mastery over memory, data types, how arrays actually work, what references and pointers actually are.
    You also learn deeply and in a more meaningful way, it teaches you so much stuff that you cannot expect from JavaScript.
    Sure JavaScript will be much much easier but if you want to be a great programmer, use C++.
    You can directly access memory thus you can change things there, like a video game hack, you can modify the packets you send out, play around with networks etc, make powerful applications and tools.
    Games are written in C++ and programs that require high performance. C++ is statically typed and fast.
    It makes you think about issues on a deeper level.
    Also, the concept of pointers does not exist in languages like Java, JavaScript and C# etc, they provide an automatic garbage collector, which can cause performance issues, especially if you are writting a program with like hundreds of thousands of lines.
    So yeah, maybe picking C++ would be a great choice. If you don't believe me, read articles written by the stackoverflow founder.
    Knowing C++, as I found, is a recurring pattern in great programmers.
    FYI, the JavaScript Chrome V8 is written in C++ too.
    It matters. But it's up to you and the type of goals you have in your mind!!
    These were just my humble opinions.

  • Great Video. Great Advice. I'm also a self-taught software engineer who left the industry 5 years ago, to become a church planter, but I still dabble a bit here and there. I just wanted to drop a line to encourage you to keep up the good work, I've created a few YouTube Channels over the years, and know it takes alot of time and effort. What you are doing is making a difference… keep it up!

  • I clicked on this video because Ive been researching about coding and programming and I just wanted some kind of guidance. I never really knew what I wanted to do and I want to self teach because I learned how build computers although thats not that impressive. Ive watched videos from other youtubers, jomatech and mayukonand they talked about how it doesnt matter about the languages you learn as long has you know the basics and fundamentals well and write good code as it can apply to other languages. Im just a really lost person. I can relate with you alot from your other video about when you talked about how you got into coding and becoming a software developer.

  • hey Silvester Morgan thanks for everything and I would like to ask you what is the best way that I can design a software project? and how to estructure a projecto or some book that you can recomend about. thanks before hand.

  • Hi man,

    I hope that you are doing well, i actually got a quick question.

    Im not from the US, Im from Africa and Im studying CS at college here in my Country and when i get graduated I wanna go to the US and work there as an Android application developer.

    So could u pls tell me if it's possible to do that? I mean will american companies accept me as an international android developer? If yes then what do I need in order to get an internship?

    Have a good day.

  • Taught myself HTML and a little CSS when I was in high school and have always had an interest in programming. I clicked this video because your story inspired me, and I'm currently trying to learn as much as possible. A friend of mine told me to start with Java or Python, so I was curious of your opinion! Recently I've been refreshing my HTML/CSS(It's amazing that it basically never left my brain), so I'll hopefully be moving on to something new shortly.

  • My name is Michael, I don't know any programming languages (but I was messing around with Javascript on The reason why I have recently started taken interest in programming languages is because I have a serious interest in technology and want to take it to the next level. I don't know anything about code, I don't know how I'm going to do this, but I want to learn how to develop software for Android. I failed math my junior year of high school and in order to graduate college with a bachelor's degree in computer science I am required to have an advanced knowledge of Calculus. I'm not sure if I want to go through with that…

  • Hey I just wanted to say I’m so glad I found your channel I feel like I can relate to you kind a similar stories I was a good athlete in high school wanted to play professional soccer but it just did not work out that way which is a community college is to find anything good and it up being an appliance technician for the last seven years but really unhappy and always been interested in computers and programming and your store really motivates me to get into this and I hope I can have success like you

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