WordPress Interview Questions

WordPress Interview Questions

What is WordPress?

The WordPress software is a personal publishing system that uses PHP and MySQL platform, which provides you everything you need to create your blog/website and publish your content dynamically without having to program the pages yourself.

Where is content stored under your WordPress website?

With WordPress platform, all your content is stored in a
MySQL database in your hosting account.

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a platform that lets you run a full website on your domain. This means that WordPress, in addition to a blog, allows you to create pages and build additional features into your website that have nothing to do with the content on your blog.

Which version of WordPress is currently in use?

Version 3.9 of WordPress, named “Smith” in honor of jazz organist Jimmy Smith, is available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard at the time of writing this article.

What are minimum requirements to run WordPress?

To run WordPress you need PHP version 5.2.4 or greater and MySQL version 5.0 or greater.

What tables are there in WordPress default database and what they store?

There are 11 tables by default in WordPress database as per given below:

  • wp_commentmeta – This table stores every comment published to your site and contains information, or metadata.
  • wp_comments – This table stores the body of the comments published to your site.
  • wp_links – This stores the name, URL, and description of all links
    you create by using the WordPress Link Manager.
  • wp_options – This stores all the option settings that you set for WordPress after you install it, including all theme and plugin option settings.
  • wp_postmeta – This includes all posts or pages published to your site and contains metadata.
  • wp_posts – This table features the body of any post or page you’ve
    published to your blog, including autosaved revisions and post option settings.
  • wp_terms – This stores the categories you’ve created for posts and links as well as tags that have been created for your posts.
  • wp_term_relationships – This stores the relationships among the
    posts as well as the categories and tags that have been assigned to
  • wp_term_taxonomy – WordPress has three types of taxonomies by default: category, link, and tag. This table stores the taxonomy associated for the terms stored in the wp_terms table.
  • wp_usermeta – This table features metadata from every user with an account on your WordPress website.
  • wp_users – The list of users with an account on your WordPress website is maintained within this table.

Which tables are added to WordPress database when the multisite feature in WordPress is activated?

WordPress adds six additional tables in the database at Multisite Installation:

  • wp_blogs: This table stores information about each blog created in your network.
  • wp_blog_versions: This table stores general information about each network blog ID, database version, and date of last update.
  • wp_registration_log: This table stores information about registered users.
  • wp_signups: This table stores information about user sign-ups, including all the information from the wp_registration_log table, the date the user account was activated, and the unique activation key the user accessed during the sign-up process.
  • wp_site: This table stores information about your main installation
    site, including the site ID, domain, and server path.
  • wp_sitemeta: This table stores all the information about the multisite configurations set after you install the multisite feature.

How will you disable theme & plugin editing in your WordPress dashboard?

You can disable theme and plugin editing by adding the following rule: define(‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true); just after this code: define(‘DB_COLLATE’, ‘’);

What are avatars & gravatars?

An avatar is an online graphical representation of an individual. It’s a small graphic icon that people use to visually represent themselves on the web in areas they participate in conversations, such as discussion forums and blog comments. Gravatars are globally recognized avatars. They appear alongside blog comments, blog posts, and discussion forums as long as the site you’re interacting with is Gravatar-enabled.

What If your web hosting provider doesn’t have mod_rewrite activated?

In that case the custom permalinks work only if you type index.php in front of any custom permalink tags.

For example, create the custom permalink tags like this:
This format creates a permalink like this:

How pages are different from posts in WordPress?

Pages, in WordPress, are different from posts because they don’t get
archived the way your blog posts do: They aren’t categorized or tagged, don’t appear in your listing of recent blog posts or date archives, and aren’t syndicated in the RSS feeds available on your site.

Plugin or Theme, Which loads first?

Plugins load before the theme, which gives plugins some special privileges over themes and can even result in one or more plugins preventing the theme from ever loading.

How will you display error messages during development?

You can change WP_DEBUG define from false to true in wp-config.php file under your WordPress installation.

How will you prevent automatic update to a plugin which you have modified?

You can do it by Changing the name of the plugin’s directory and activating it again into your WordPress dashboard. Alternatively you can Modify the name of the plugin to achieve that.

What is __() in WordPress?

This WordPress function Make a string inside your plugin or theme translatable or retrieves the translated string from the translate() function. For example:

<?php $translated = __( ‘WordPress Interview Questions’, ‘mytextdomain’ ); ?>

How can you turn a string into slug in WordPress?

By hooking the sanitize_title filter, you can convert a string to slug. For example sanitize_title(‘WordPress Interview Question’) will produce wordpress-interview-questions.

How will you hide top admin bar with CSS only in frontend?

In your theme’s stylesheet, add the following code:

#wpadminbar { visibility: hidden; display: none; }

How will you hide top admin bar using WordPress filter?

add_filter(‘show_admin_bar’, ‘__return_false’);

Add this line above to your functions.php file in active theme.

Can we run multiple domains from a single WordPress install?

Yes. We can run multiple domains form a single WordPress installation and with domain mapping.

How to increase the page load speed of a WordPress site?

  • By using ajax loading to all images of the WordPress site.
  • By installing cache plugins such as Super Cache and W3 Total Cache.
  • By using a content delivery network (example: CloudFlare, MaxCDN).
  • By minimizing the javascripts, css and html files (you can use Better WordPress Minify plugin).

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