Here Are The Ten Best Programming Languages to learn in 2019

Here Are The Ten Best Programming Languages to learn in 2019

What is the best programming language?

IT world is highly potent. With the latest and approaching changes in computer programming languages, frameworks and technologies language trends are developing day-by-day. Developers should continue with efficient changes. We will talk about the Best Programming Language in 2019.

List of Best Programming Language 2019:

1. Java

Java is one of the top programming languages these days. However, Java dropped its huge fame by around 6,000 job postings in 2018 that the year of 2017, but it is now in higher demand in the world market. All Android apps work efficiently on Java and almost 92% of the Fortune 500 companies apply Java for backend development. You can easily get updated books of any language online using Flipkart coupons with great offers.

2. Perl

Perl has dropped its fame with a crash of around 3,000 job postings. Perl continues popular for structure and network overseers and like a linking language.

3. C++

C++ has achieved massive popularity in the world. However, for most of the programmers this is difficult and a tricky thing to find out and use these languages such as Python or JavaScript, but it is used by all huge projects in the businesses.

4. Python

Python has obtained great popularity by almost 5,000 job postings through 2017. With daily use programming language for web development and usually, it is used by many developers. It also gets an application in technical calculating, mining data and machine learning. With nonstop development and high demand for machine learning, there is once more in the fame of Python.

5. C#

There is a small turn down in its demand this year. This programming language from Microsoft was mainly developed to work on Microsoft’s .NET platform and to bring speedy progress. C# is significantly used in video game development, thus, if you want to become a master of video game developer, you should know its benefits.

6. PHP

This comes about to be a scripting language that is greatly used on server part and enhanced its ranking. Several developers use PHP for the web development process.

7. JavaScript

This is also a popular programming language every time. This programming language is used by more than 80% developers and approximately 95% of all websites for an active reason on individual pages. Although, several front-end frameworks for JavaScript which are React and AngularJS comes with the IoT and mobile devices which are becoming famous all over the world, thus, opportunities of JavaScript are more in the field of the digital marketing process.

These are some crucial programming languages which do not grasp a location in the list, but growing popularity, however. Let’s know them:

8. Swift:

These are created by top Apple Company in 2014 and these have been gradually achieving massive popularity after it commences according to IEEE Spectrum and Stackify.

9. Rust:

This is another best programming language, steadily achieving popularity as per to a data produced by the Google Trends.

10. R:

This is in a list of growing popularity in both international and US search rankings and comes about to be a language which is least unpopular in an analysis by Stack Overflow this year.

List of top High Paying Programming Jobs 2018-2019

There are few brilliant skilled professionals and one amongst them is expert professionals. Mobile application development or enterprise resource planning (ERP) are some of the skills they are focused on and can augment an extreme programming income.

1) Mobile applications developer

These developers check, put code, sort out, text and track mobile applications. They are in high demand mainly with expertise such as:

  • Objective C
  • User Interface Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Great Experience working with REST web services
  • The mobile application developers with average income are Rs 75000.

2) Applications designer:

This plan is designed for the technical performance of a software project by an application designer. The businesses and multifaceted businesses are becoming more imperative in the global market because of applications and high demand for such expert s can increase the programming income. Such people can earn around Rs 75000.

3) ERP Technical developer

There are some of the leading ERP projects which are extremely high-priced and lengthy. One of the major roles in the victory of an ERP project is done by ERP technical developers as they are intended for tailoring and executing ERP packages. According to the Salary Guide, ERP technical developers take-home salary of around 75000 Rs. You can get latest free job alert updates from fresh hiring.

4) Lead Applications developer

A technical head and an adviser in the development team are those who work as a lead application developer. There are few team members where the lead application developer is also the application designer. The present average income of such professionals is around Rs 65000.

These are the best programming language in 2019 with the above-mentioned are high paying programming jobs with the highest salary pay scale.


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