Common WordPress Interview Question and Answer

In this post, we share with you some of common WordPress interview questions & answers. We think by reading this WordPress interview questions & answers, you can get some benefits.

WordPress interview questions & answers.

1. What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free and open source content management system (CMS). Which written in PHP language and licensed under GPL. It allows users to create dynamic websites from personal blogs, corporate, business, portfolio to an eCommerce website. WordPress current stable version as on August2018 of WordPress is 4.9.8. You can download it from

2. Which Year WordPress was released?

WordPress was released in 2003.

3. What are the minimum requirements for WordPress to run?

PHP 7 or greater
MySQL 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB 10.0 or greater
The mod_rewrite Apache module
HTTPS support(Recommended)

4. List some features of WordPress.

Here are some features of WordPress.

  • It’s Simplicity
  • Easier publishing tools
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • User Management
  • Media Management
  • Easy Theme System
  • Easy Extendability with Plugins
  • Multilingual Support
  • Easy Installation and Upgrades
  • Multilingual Support
  • Built-in Comments System
  • Custom Content Types

5. Where is WordPress content stored?

WordPress contents are stored in MySQL database on the Server.

6. What are the differences between Posts and Pages?

Posts and Pages are the two content types in WP.

Posts are timed and listed in chronological order with the latest posts at the top. Posts are meant to be shared and commented on.

Pages are static are static content, so an about us, contact us page etc. They are permanent and timeless entries.

7. What are the types of hooks in WP and what are their functions?

There are two types of hooks are available in WordPress, action hooks and filter hooks

They allow the user to, with short snippets of code, modify areas in a theme or plugin without modifying the original file.

8. What is an action hook?

An Action hook in WordPress is a hook that is triggered at a specific time when WordPress is running and lets you take an action. This can include things like creating a widget when WordPress is initializing or sending a Tweet when someone publishes a post.

9. What is a filter hook?

A Filter hook in WordPress allows you get and modify WordPress data before it is sent to the database or the browser. Some examples of filters would include customizing how excerpts are displayed or adding some custom code to the end of a blog post or headings.

10. How do you enable debug mode in WP?

You can enable debug mode in WP by editing wp-config.php file and changing WP_DEBUG constant value to true

11. What is a WordPress taxonomy?

In WordPress, a “taxonomy” is a group of a mechanism for some posts. There are four default taxonomies in WordPress. They are as below

  • Category
  • Tag
  • Link Category
  • Post Formats

12. How safe is a website on WordPress?

The word press is safe to operate, but still, it is suggested to keep updating with the latest version of WordPress to avoid hacking.

13. Are there any limitations to a WordPress website?

there are no limitations in WordPress. You can use WordPress for eCommerce, corporate, membership, photo galleries, blog, portfolio and any other type of site you can think of. The website is created using the same HTML code as any other site.

14. From an SEO point of view is WordPress helpful? Will, it shows the website on Google?

It is one of the benefits of using WordPress; it has an inbuilt SEO search engine. Also, you can have an additional plug-in in WordPress to help with SEO and rank on a popular search engine like Google.

15. What do you mean by a custom field in WordPress?

WordPress custom field is a meta-data that allows you to store arbitrary information in the WordPress post. Using these custom field, you can add extra information to the post.

16. What are the rules that you have to follow for WordPress plugin development?

  • Create a unique name
  • Create the plugin’s folder
  • Create a sub-folder for PHP files, translations, and assets
  • Create the main plug-in file and fill in the header information
  • Create activation and de-activation functions
  • Create an uninstall script
  • Create a readme.txt file
  • To detect paths to plugin file use proper constants and functions

17. What is the prefix of WordPress tables by default?

By default, wp_ is the prefix for WordPress.

18. Why does WordPress use MySQL?

MySQL is a widely available database server and is extremely fast. It is an open source, and it is available free of cost. It is also supported by many low-cost Linux hosts. So its easy for anyone to host their website.

19. Is it possible to rename the WordPress folder?

Yes, it is possible to rename the WordPress folder. If WordPress is already installed, you have to log in to the weblog as the administrator and then change the settings

WordPress address (URI) :

Blog address( URI) :

After making the changes, you can rename the folder or directory with the WordPress file in it.

20. What is WordPress loop?

To display post WordPress use PHP code, this code is known as a loop.

21. How can you disable the WordPress comment?

If you go to the dashboard under options “discussion, there is a comment “ Allow people to post comment” try unchecking the comment.

22. What are the steps you can take if your WordPress file is hacked?

  • Install security plugins like WP security
  • Re-install the latest version of WordPress
  • Change password and user-ids for all your users
  • Check your themes and plug-ins are up to date

23. Does WordPress have cookies?

Yes, WordPress has cookies, and WordPress uses cookies for verification of users while logged in.

24. In which cases you don’t see the plugin menu?

You can’t see your plugin menu when the blog is hosted on free as you cannot add plugin there. Also, if you do not have an account of an administrator level on your WordPress is not possible to see the plugin.

25. Why you use a static front page in WordPress?

Some WordPress users want to use their WordPress installation to be more than a blog site. To give their page a look more like a real website page some users use a static front page.

26. What are the essential features you look for a theme?

Theme selection differs according to the requirement. An ideal theme would be something that would not restrict to use the number of pages, plugins or static homepage.

27. What is a Child Theme?

The child theme is an extension of the parent theme. If you make changes to the parent theme, any update will undo the changes. With a child theme, the customizations are preserved on an update.

28. Which is the best multilingual plugin for WordPress?

Keeping all the limitations in mind, WPML would be the best multilingual plugin for WordPress.

29. What are the reasons why one should not hack a WordPress core file?

The best reason not to hack the core files is that whatever you might be doing has to be reworked as a patch.

30. What is a plugin in WordPress?

WordPress Plugins are a piece of code that contains one or more functions written to extend and add to the functionality of an existing WordPress website.

31. List plugin that comes with WordPress

  • Akismet
  • Hello Dolly

32. What is the difference between and

The difference is in who’s hosting your site. With org, You host your website or blog. This is where you find the open source software to download.-com, They host for you.

33. Is WordPress secure?

Yes. A WP website is completely secure. The error can come from downloading plugins and tools from an unauthorized source.

34. How many default tables are the WordPress, Can you list them?

There are 11 table in WordPress, they are

  • wp_options
  • wp_users
  • wp_links
  • wp_commentmeta
  • wp_term_relationships
  • wp_postmeta
  • wp_posts
  • wp_term_taxonomy
  • wp_usermeta
  • wp_terms
  • wp_comments

35. What are disadvantages of WordPress?

  • Use of multiple plugins can make website heavy to load and slow
  • Only utilizes PHP
  • Sometimes updates can lead to loss of data, so you always need a backup copy
  • Modifying images and tables are difficult.

36. What is the difference between installing and activating a theme?

When a theme is activated it’s what’s controlling your site, while an installed theme is simply part of your theme library and available to activate.

37. Which ‘meta box’ is not hidden by default on Post and Page screens?

Featured Image is the meta box that is not hidden by default on Post and Page screens.

38. What are Importers in WordPress?

In WordPress, Importers are plugins that provide functionality to import a bulk XML file with any number of records. It enables to import Posts, Page, Custom Posts and Users data in an XML file.

39. In WordPress, objects are passed by value or by reference.

In WordPress, all objects are passed by value.

40. How to run database Query on WordPress?

WordPress’s query function allows you to execute any SQL query on the WordPress database. It is best used when there is a need for specific, custom, or otherwise complex SQL queries. For more basic queries, such as selecting information from a table, see the other wpdb functions above such as get_results, get_var, get_row or get_col.

41. List some action hooks functions in WordPress?

Below is the list of some Filter hooks functions

  • has_filter()
  • add_filter()
  • apply_filters()
  • apply_filters_ref_array()
  • current_filter()
  • remove_filter()
  • remove_all_filters()
  • doing_filter()

42. List some action hooks functions in WordPress?

Below are list of some Action hooks functions

  • has_action()
  • add_action()
  • do_action()
  • do_action_ref_array()
  • did_action()
  • remove_action()
  • remove_all_actions()
  • doing_action()

43. What are the template tags in WordPress? List some of them.

In WordPress, template tags are PHP functions that are used to display information dynamically or customize blog template. Below is the list of some generally used template tags in WordPress

  • get_header()
  • wp_register()
  • get_sidebar()
  • wp_title()
  • wp_enqueue_script()
  • get_the_author()
  • wp_list_authors()
  • category_description()
  • get_bookmarks()

44. Function to get website url in wordpress?

get_site_url(); function is used to get website URL in WordPress.
30. How will you display error messages during development in WordPress?

To display error messages in WordPress. Open WordPress wp-cofig.php file and change WP_DEBUG constant value to true
In WordPress, WP_DEBUG is a PHP constant (a permanent global variable) that can be used to trigger the “debug” mode throughout the website.

45. What is the limitation to the depth of your categories?

There is no limitation level to the depth.

46. Can you override database values for your sit URLs in wp-config.php?

Yes, overriding of database values is possible.

47. How to Create a Child Theme?

A child theme consists of at least one directory (the child theme directory) and two files (style.css and functions.php), which you will need to create:

  • The child theme directory
  • style.css
  • functions.php

Theme Name: Twenty Seventeen Child
Theme URI:
Description: Twenty Seventeen Child Theme
Author: John Doe
Author URI:
Template: twentyseventeen
Version: 1.0.0
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
License URI:
Tags: light, dark, two-columns, right-sidebar, responsive-layout, accessibility-ready
Text Domain: twenty-fifteen-child

48. How to Create Shortcode?

function foobar_func( $atts ){
return “foo and bar”;
add_shortcode( ‘foobar’, ‘foobar_func’ );

49. How to show Shortcode?


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